Our Staff

Our Practice Staff

All of our practices are staffed by a team of experienced vocationally registered general practitioners, supported by highly experienced practice managers, nurses and administration staff, who are dedicated to providing you with whole patient health care.

Allied health professionals including physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists and dieticians spend time in our practices and work together with the doctors to ensure there is an integrated approach to addressing all the patients' healthcare needs.

In order to keep you healthy, we start by getting to know you — your life, your needs, your concerns. We use the latest medical knowledge and technology to develop personalized diagnostic and treatment plans. And most importantly, we take time to explain ourselves clearly and listen to you.

Our Doctors

The Doctors who work in our practices, are experienced highly qualified General Practitioners. Most of the doctors have worked in Australia for many years, as well as gaining experience in a multitude of varied positions in overseas locations such as South Africa, U.K, New Zealand, Canada, Asia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern Countries. To learn more about our Doctors' special areas of interest, please click on the links below.

Doctors at Australia Fair
07 5528 3806

Dr Rozneen
Dr Aung Thura
Dr Peyman Forouzandeh
Dr Max Sharifian
Dr Reza Modarres
Dr Marin Sultana

Doctors at Southport Park
07 5528 0037

Dr Rozneen Mustafiz
Dr S. Ayad
Dr M. Sharifian
Dr Peyman

Redbank Plaza Medical
07 3288 1000

Dr J. Biktor
Dr R. Sarkar
Dr Ali Chatroodi
Dr Boomi Chinnapillai
Dr S. Davarnia
Dr Aghakhani

Labrador Park Medical
07 5537 3300

Dr S. Rupnarain
Dr M. Javadi
Dr S. Khokan
Dr I. Kostro
Dr M Sadique
Dr Z. Dadabhay