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Medical Acupuncture services are offered by Dr Peyman Forouzandeh at Doctors at Australia Fair. He is a qualified medical acupuncturist with training from Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) and has been a medical practitioner with more than 18 years’ experience.

The application of Acupuncture involves stimulating various places on the body surfaces. These are called acupuncture points and when stimulated they produce a range of therapeutic effects, depending on the location.

Dr Peyman’s Acupuncture services are available:

• For patients aged 18+ years

• To treat Musculoskeletal problems & chronic non-malignant pain.

Medicare rebates are available for all Medicare card holders.

Treatment consists of:

  • First Appointment – $25.40 Out of Pocket

- Initial examination to understand the patient’s condition and medical history

  • Follow-Up Appointments - $24.40 Out of Pocket

- Follow-up treatments organised as necessary and will vary for different patients.

The treatment applies minimally invasive Acupuncture techniques with the use of laser, fine needles and electrodes and is a painless procedure.

To find out more and book your appointment, please call our lovely receptionists on 07 5528 3806.


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